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Kep, a province on Cambodia's southern coast, is a former resort town known throughout Cambodia for its relaxed, sun-dappled beaches and mouth-wateringly fresh crabs. In recent years, the province has undergone a revival, with many foreign and domestic visitors making the trip to indulge in its luxurious beachside resorts, tropical islands, and toothsome seafood. It is just a short drive from provincial town of Kampot. 
During Cambodia's golden years before 1970, this lush coastal region was a seaside playground for affluent. Although Kep's beaches may not be in the same league as those in Preah Sihanouk, travelers seek out its tranquil atmosphere and unadulterated coasts.
A small section of the beach doubles as a regular crab-trading depot and the Crab Market (Psar Kdam) on the water’s edge serves as a popular tourist destination. Fishermen bring in baskets of crabs by the boatload, and waterfront restaurants cook them fresh, usually boiled with a few fragrant sticks of famed Kampot pepper. Fish, squid and prawns are also on offer, often cooking slowly over coals at the front of all the restaurants.
For a relaxing day trip, visitors often travel to a nearby island such as Rabbit Island (Koh Thonsáy), which is only a short boat ride off Kep's coast. Here, you'll find beautiful seaside views, bamboo platforms and basic bungalows, and plenty of rustic charm. A boat back during the evening sunset is not to be missed.
Those looking to take a break from beachside lounging may wish to visit some of the local limestone caves, some of which contain holy shrines.
Place of Interest in Kep
Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)
The nearest island to Kep beach. For a slice of rustic island life, jump on one of the former fishing boats that takes visitors to the nearby island within about 30 minutes and spend the day – or night – on Koh Tonsay, or Rabbit Island. Boasting a small beach lined with basic bungalows and food shacks, this spot is a popular day-trip for locals.

Crab Market
No trip to Kep is complete without a visit to the crab market. Standing at the centre of the town’s action, the market is a hive of activity, especially in the early morning. As well as being the base for the fishermen and women who catch the town’s famous crab, it is where the country’s freshest seafood is flogged.

Kep National Park
Conveniently located just outside the city, Kep National Park was established in 1993 and covers an area of 66.64 km². The park includes a small mountain range with tracks and trails which are popular with tourists trekking and nature walk. 
Phnom Chhnork Caves
The area between Kep and Kampot is studded with limestone mountains, with many home to a network of caves and Buddhist shrines. In Phnom Chhnork sits a series of pre-Angkorian carvings, a 7th-century shrine to Shiva and stalagmites and stalactites.

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