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Kratie Province, located on the east bank of the Mekong River, attracts a fair share of visitors, many of whom wish to catch a glimpse of the last few Irrawaddy Dolphins left in the world. The recommended place to see them is Kampi Village, about 15 kilometers from town. Irrawaddy Dolphins are an endangered species and are extremely rare; it is estimated there are only about 60 living in this stretch of the river.
The town of Kratie offers an authentic rural ambience, and therefore serves as the perfect place to spend a peaceful night or two. It is a nice relief from some of the country’s more trafficked areas.
There numerous sites to visit in Kratie. Phnom Sombok is a small temple located on a hill north of town. A long flight of steps lead into a pavilion of Phnom Sombok that features detailed photos of afterlife punishments to those who have sinned in the present life. Wat Roka Kandal is a restored pagoda with an ancient Lao style ‘Stupa’ on the riverfront about 2 kilometers from the town center. Nearby lies a more modern pagoda where chanting of the monks can be heard at dawn and in the evenings. About 15 kilometers from town, there is a large Cham community. This is known locally as the ‘basket-weaving’ village; it is the biggest in Kratie with over 4000 villagers living here.
A popular end-of-the-day activity in Kratie is to relax by the riverfront to watch the sun set.
Places of interest
Kampi Dolphin Habbitat Site
Kampi is the name of a small village situated at the east bank of the Mekong River, 15km north of Kratie on the old National Road 7.
Kampi is the best place in Cambodia to see the rare Mekong River Dolphin. Kampi Dolphin pool is the most inhabited dolpin pool in the Mekong River with about 20 dolphins. Kampi Dolphin Site was established in 1999 to welcome international and local tourists and for scientific researchers to study the Mekong River Dolphin. Visitors need to be very patient because the chance of seeing dolphins isn’t guaranteed. The sightseeing trip can be done by boat trip or kayaking activity but should follow the dolphin watching guidelines to protect and avoid disturbing dolphins in their natural habitat. Best time to see them is early morning or late afternoon. 

Koh Trong Island 
Koh Trong is a river island locates right opposite the riverfront of Kratie Town. The only way to access Koh Trong is taking 5-minute wooden public ferry from the pier in front of Jasmine Boat Restaurant in downtown Kratie. On arrival, you can go directly to the Community Based Tourism Center where you can hire bicycles or ox-carts, book homestay if you wish to spend an overnight stay here.
The nine-kilometer trail in a narrow concrete path around the island will bring tourists through the lush and unspoilt rural Cambodian scenery filled with palm trees, paddy fields, market gardens and pretty Khmer-style wooden houses. At the southern tip of the island located a small Vietnamese pagoda and floating Vietnamese village. There are also homestay and guesthouse on the island if you wish you spend a night. 

Phnom Sombok
Phnom Sombok is a small Buddhist temple perched high on a hill, which is located 10 km north of Kratie Town. Being built in the 15th century, the temple is dedicated to a Buddhist monk named Neak Voan, who resided, meditated and taught his disciples here. Situated in between two mountain peaks, Phnom Sombok boasts scenic panorama views of Mekong River. To reach the main temple on top, visitors need to climb about 300 stairs and are impressed by the long line of life-sized monk statues forming a guard of honor.
Hilltop consists of the sanatorium housing a reclining Buddha, a medication center and monastery of young monks, and a pavilion depicting torture scenes of those who are not virtuous enough to lead a holy and clean afterlife. Sunrise and sunset are two best moments to visit Phnom Sombok, admire the stunning view overlooking Mekong River or immerse yourself in nature. This visit can be combined with dolphine watch. 
100-Pillar Pagoda (Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy)
Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy is a pagoda well-known for its history and as a place of pilgrimage for residents of Kratie. Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy, meaning 'Temple with 100 columns', was first built in the 16th century by King Chann Reachea. The pagoda included 100 wooden columns to commemorate the memory of his daughter Vorakpheak. The pagoda is located in Sambor town, 36 km from Kratie. To get there, take the old N R 7 along the River bank 24 km to Sandan village and continue northward 12 km by the River road to Sambo.
Wat Rokar Kandal
Just only 2-3 km south of Kratie on the road to Chhlong is Wat Rokar Kandal. Dating from the 19th century, this is one of the oldest temple in the region. This rare traditional wooden pagoda was restored and converted into a small local handicraft center, where visitors can find a lovely souvenir to bring home. Even being simple in design, it’s still worth paying a visit there to admire the beautiful stenciled interior pillars and an ornate timber roof, together with adjacent traditional wooden houses.

Mekong Turtle Conservation Center (MTCC)
This conservation center is situated right on the grounds of 100-Pillar Pagoda and established by a NGO named Conservation International. The rare Cantor’s giant softshell turtle – one of the largest freshwater turtles, was rediscovered along this northern stretch of Mekong in 2007. This center does important tasks in taking care of large turtle rescued from trafficking as well as raising hatchlings for around 10 months before releasing them in the wild. These turtles burry themselves into the mud and sand as a protection mechanism.
MTCC also offers tour package with overnight homestay in Koh Trong Island and early morning visit to turtle nests there.

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